CASE STUDY 4  -  Water Treatment and Fluid Solutions

Case Study: Diesel Engine Block Final Rinse Tank

Filter on Aja Lif  Immersion/Agitation Tank
Automotive Remanufacturing
APPLICATION: Diesel Engine Block Final Rinse Tank
PARTICULATE SEPARATED: Metal fines, fibers and oil
PROCESS EQUIPMENT: HydraKleen Filter System with Oil/Water Separator on Immersion/Agitation Tank

Remachined diesel engine blocks are immersed and agitated in an Aja Lif  final rinse tank, requiring refreshment with water and chemical additive every 2 days, stopping product throughput while dumping and refilling the tank. Residual machining oil accumulates in the process water and must be removed to maintain product quality. This rinse tank was originally equipped with a sidestream bag filter system, incurring a high incremental cost in frequent bag replacement. Being a final rinse tank, high product quality throughput was absolutely imperative. Water/wastewater costs were high under this arrangement.

Reducing Water/Wastewater Costs
High incremental cost associated with bag filter replacement
on immersion/agitation tank

EFS installed the HydraKleen® Liquid/Solid Separator in sidestream on the Aja Lif  immersion/agitation tank requiring dumping only every 30 days, not every 2 days. An oil/water separator integral to the HydraKleen® was added, removing oil from the process water. Also, magnets remove swarf and fine metal filings. Moreover, they were able to completely abandon the conventional bag filter system and now incur no bag replacement expense or related maintenance time. Product throughput is dramatically increased, while maintenance and water/wastewater costs are greatly reduced. Product quality is improved at a much lower cost.

Reducing Water/Wastewater Costs
HydraKleen keeps engines clean while eliminating costly bag filter system


EFS Delivers...Oil Removal

Oil / Water Separator
HydraKleen Filter System with Oil/Water Separator on Immersion/Agitation Tanks -- improves and extends water process by reducing dumping from every 2 days to every 30 days.

EFS Delivers...Oil Removal

Closeup of Oil / Water Separator
Integral oil/water separator removes oil from process


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