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Case Study: Refurbish & Upgrade Abandoned Well Water Source

Refurbish & Upgrade Abandoned Well
SYSTEM: Municipal drinking water supply (small system)
APPLICATION: Well water source
PROCESS EQUIPMENT: VAF2000 Automatic Backwash Filter refurbishment

The town of Junction City, Oregon had a dormant well they anticipated needing water from due to drought conditions predicted to worsen during the upcoming summer months -- projected demand indicated the well water would be needed in short order. The well was functional, yet had been abandoned several years earlier due to excessive quantities of sand drawn into the well water which escaped the inline filter, ultimately entering the water supply.

well sand
Junction City's well sand rapidly accumulates in filter; photo above shows sand emptied from well filter element

Working with Junction City Engineers, EFS evaluated samples from the well and made recommendations on refurbishing the filter system that would allow a drinkable 350-gpm yield. EFS installed the filter upgrade and the summer drought was indeed experienced as predicted; however, the water supply was plentiful from refurbishing the well’s filtration system.

Junction City's improved water intake system now equipped with VAF2000 Automatic Backwash Filter parts, field-installed by EFS


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Refurbished Filter System
New VF4AC Backwash Controller replaces temperamental hydraulic rinse controller


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