CASE STUDY  -  Water Treatment and Fluid Solutions

Case Study: Auto Transmission Test Stand

SYSTEM: Automotive Remanufacturing
APPLICATION: Transmission Test Stand
PROCESS EQUIPMENT: Ferrous Trap on Dynomometer

Metal fines in transmission fluid fouled the flow meter connected to a dynomometer used for testing automotive transmissions.

EFS installed a ferrous trap upstream of the flow meter, eliminating fouling by removing ferrous material from the transmissions, further improving product quality.

Reducing Water/Wastewater Costs
(Left) Engine blocks, crankshafts and oil pans to be cleaned.
(Mid) ???.
(Right) Clariflo


EFS Delivers... Clarifo Quench Tank

Heavy Metal Extraction
(Above) Sidestreaming the cold quench tank.

EFS Delivers...Heavy Metal Extraction

(Above) A cooling tower, sidestreaming the cold quench tank, obstructs with metal hydroxides precipitating and accumulating in the tower, degrading its cooling capacity.

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