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Testing Services

EFS offers a variety of Testing Services to accommodate your needs:

  • Preliminary Laboratory Testing*
  • Extended Laboratory Testing
  • On-site Performance & Pilot Testing

In offering a variety of testing services, EFS minimizes the risk associated with making a capital equipment purchase.

Preliminary Laboratory Testing
EFS offers preliminary testing services, whereby you send a representative sample with MSDS to EFS with shipping prepaid. We analyze the sample to preliminarily determine the efficacy of applying various technologies to achieve your desired end result -- we communicate our findings to you via report.

Extended Laboratory Testing
Based on favorable results from preliminary testing, EFS offers extended testing services that may include videotaped documentation of the testing procedures -- as appropriate, qualitative and quantitative results are captured. A formal engineering report is sent along with graphical documentation.

On-site Performance & Pilot Testing
Leased units are available for pilot testing and performance evaluation. A portion of the lease fee may be applied against purchase of the equipment. Contact EFS or your Product Distributor to inquire about lease arrangements.

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Contact EFS and let us help solve your fluid handling problem while minimizing risk:

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* Acceptance by EFS of samples is conditioned on having understanding and agreement prior to your sample being shipped. Without exception, no samples shall be accepted without MSDS and that are not shipping-prepaid by the sender. All shipping arrangements, hazard placards, MSDS Sheets and special shipping requirements are the administrative and financial responsibility of the sender.


“EFS defines the problem, recommends clear-cut solutions, and implements necessary engineering to solve the problem. I highly recommend EFS because of their exceptional skills and innovative thinking -- their hands-on approach is unique to anything I've experienced in the engineering field.”

Mike Donavan, EMA Marketing

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All products and equipment provided by EFS are guaranteed on quality and performance. EFS offers this guarantee by understanding the risks associated with engineering projects, and having expertise in formulating and implementing design strategies that optimally manage these risks.


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