Recirc Filtration Skid

The Recirc Skid is a fully-packaged, fully-automated, stand-alone filtration system for oilfield services and produced water management. It was developed primarily for use in coiled tubing operations as a solution to the excessive use of water in oil and gas well fill cleanouts. Due to the large amount of fresh water needed for produced water applications and the hazards associated with transport and disposal of the water, EFS's Recirc Skid allows reuse of on-site produced water. With EFS's Recirc Skid, coiled tubing fluids may be returned downhole, thereby saving on otherwise single-use drilling fluids. The Recirc Skid promotes efficiency in fluids management of friction reducers and produced water.

The Recirc Skid's 2-stage filtration system filters particulate down to 5 µm from a produced water supply and is used in conjunction with a settling basin or tank farm. The Recirc Skid continuously and automatically self-cleans filter elements and returns the backwash water to a tank farm.

Interesting Fact: A single reuse of a circulation fluid reduces fresh water use, transport, and treatment by 50%.


  • Self-powered by a diesel generator
  • Managed by a PLC-driven central control station
  • Automated filter backwash
  • Automated equipment protection, including bypass and fluid recirculation
  • User adjustable output flowrate
  • User adjustable pressure
  • Integrated dosing system
  • On-board pump, piping, instrumentation, and controls
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easily transportable
  • Reduces environmental burden and operation & maintenance costs

The Recirc Skid is customizable, scalable, and can be designed to meet your specific application requirements.

Customizable options may include:

  • Constant or varying flow rate
  • Volumetric or constant dosing of chemicals
  • Chemical pre- and/or post-treatment
  • Finer
  • Arctic duty
  • Hazardous environment
  • Custom control systems and DCS

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Arctic Recirculation Filtration Skid for Well Clean-out Fluids
Oil & Gas
APPLICATION: Well Clean-out Water Filtration / Recycling
PARTICULATE SEPARATED: Rock / Cement / Sediment / Silt
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